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Jon Davis

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I see you

I think these are three of the most powerful words. For me it means, I connect to both your pain and joy. When you are

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A Gift

it is not what you have it is who you are it is not what you do it is who you are it is not

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Dear Fear

Below how I wrote in pen and then typed text in case my writing is tough to read. 🙂 Dear Fear, Thank you for the

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Dear Soul

Dear Soul, You are just pure love and help me honor God and the Spirit. Wow, when I’m fully connected to you it is just

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I believe that what we want to write wants to be written. I believe that as I have an impulse to create, the something I want to create has an impulse to want to be born. My job, then, is to show up n the page and let that something move through me.

Julia Cameron

Do we have it in us?

A poem to honor the memory of Mahsa Amini So much to repair I feel in despair her name was Mahsa an innocent life lost

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To Fully Repair

I don’t have time to compare because I need to prepare to fully repair a world that is not fully free we live ok in

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A Long Way

We have come a long way once separated by categories and not knowing each other today we are brothers and there is beauty in knowing

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