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A book of inspirational poems and letters that will take you on a journey of finding a voice, imagination, letting go and surrender, courage and our potential, and humanity. 

It includes 27 pieces of sketch art from three local artists!

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co-creating a world where all people feel at home

jon davis cares deeply about connecting humanity and brings this to life through his roles as a facilitator, creative changemaker, community builder, convener, coach and writer.

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A compelling journey of change and inspiration.

"Reading Jon’s poems, I feel he’s written them just for me. Tears fill my eyes with the generosity and depth of insight and love in his words, the way they pierce, then soothe the soul."
Chandra Greer, Owner of Greer Chicago
“His poems bring you home.”
Sophia Barrett, Photographer and Owner of Sophia Barrett Studios
“Life changing moments…a catalyst for the heart to heal wounds you didn’t know were there.”
Trent Domonic, R&B Recording Artist and Musician
“Each poem inspires…his collection is a rally cry demanding that every voice be heard, heeded, and understood, that our collective voice be amplified until it swells into undeniability.”
Junious “Jay” Ward, Poet Laureate of Charlotte, NC

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