A Child’s Eyes

A Child’s Eyes

i see hope and love
and maybe just a little of me
it could also be true 
that a child’s eyes
will bring out
the best in me

a child’s eyes
sprint into
your arms as you
walk through the door
grab your hand to
run down the hill
and with one little
head tilt
they express
lets go explore

in a child’s eyes
we remember 
the simplicity of life
how to love
when that little head
resting on your arm
tired from an endless
day of asking why
fills you with so much joy
you could almost cry

a child’s eyes
only know
the now
this is their simplest joy
the present moment
where the gifts of life happen
in curiosity and play
imagination and wonder
those eyes that say
catch me if you can
but remember 
i just want to play

As the sun goes down
I finally get to sit down
where we lay on the couch
the best way of course
with your head on the dog’s back

a child’s eyes
make us feel family
to appreciate the excitement
in the small things of life
a new day
to say 

“i am alive”
“i woke up”
“you are here”
“i am hungry”
“are you going to sleep over”
“what are we doing today”
and of course
“are we there yet”

in a child’s eyes
i hope we see
more of what we can be
we don’t have to
go too far
to remember
such a beautiful
way to see