A Long Way

A Long Way

We have come a long way

once separated by categories

and not knowing each other

today we are brothers

and there is beauty in knowing

We have come a long way

we first spent time seeing each other

listening to each other

getting to know hearts

understanding our values and what motivates us

and what causes pain and suffering

Over time, we decided to go a long way

to never grow apart

to take action as if

we are each other

to celebrate each other

to be champions for each other

We have come a long way

with so much to do

and change needed in the world

we change by being in each other’s presence

by having fun and laughing

and enjoying the simplicity of sitting together

We sure have come a long way

and continue to create space

to believe in each other

to push each other to be our best

to disagree with civility

to show up in the tough moments

and to apologize

when we make mistakes

or don’t bring our best

this is what it means

to go a long way with someone

at times it is hard

in a world that feels like it wants separation

each day we show up

and stand firm together

growing so much

asking each other tough questions

Because we have come a long way

this morning I am so grateful

for my brothers who have been

with me through so much

and remind me of the power

of deciding

to go a long way.


Original handwritten below…