All I can say is thanks

All I can say is thanks

I don’t want to take

just give thanks

I hope we remember

that at one point this time of year

many were left in despair

I don’t share to create shame or fear

but to acknowledge, reconcile and repair

a world that is so abundant and aware

that if we just pause to give thanks

we might remember it is unnatural to take

especially when there are so many things to make

what a wonderful world we live in

when we gather and share

so no one is left in despair

today I give thanks to YOU

for the courage to see your gifts through

especially when it is hard

because the world needs our very best

to exceed our own expectations 

if we believe in a dream

of shifting a world 

from I to We

with less taking

just more thanking

it is possible to live in a way

where we each say

I HEAR you

I SEE you

I will act as if I AM you

so today

there is nothing to take

just YOU to thank

thanks for all you are now

not who you were

or want to become

just who you are now

in this moment

it is a gift to me

and all I can say

is thanks.