Dear Fear

Dear Fear

Below how I wrote in pen and then typed text in case my writing is tough to read. 🙂

Dear Fear,

Thank you for the moments when you kept me safe. I know there is a great purpose for your work. I hope this letter is a chance to reinvent our relationship.

I think I used you as a security blanket growing up. You rightfully had me on radar for what could go wrong because many times things did and I got hurt a lot.

However, I wanted to request that you make room for my greatest potential and heart to come alive more. I am still figuring out what that looks like. I do know when you overtake me, I am saddled with inaction. I can become frustrated and not as gentle and kind as I want to be.

I recognize the healing journey I have been on as helping this process. So fear, I don’t want you to completely go away. But just to serve a different role more in the background. I’m asking you to allow love, caring, abundance, kindness, and civility to come more alive in my communication and creativity. I want to be more honest but not from fear of getting hurt… From what could be.

Thank you for all you have done to protect me, but please continue to play a new role. I believe as I step into my own voice and power more, others will do the same. Nothing makes me happier than a human being honoring their deepest voice and passions.

Please continue to grant me the gift of discernment, knowing when to pay attention to you… Fear and when I am just protecting an old wound and don’t know it.

I plan to be much bolder and courageous this coming year, so just wanted to prepare you and ask your support.

Thanks for listening,