Dear Soul

Dear Soul

Dear Soul,

You are just pure love and help me honor God and the Spirit. Wow, when I’m fully connected to you it is just complete joy and ease. 

I recognize that at times I haven’t paid full attention to you.  I can get caught up in society’s pulls of impressing, pleasing or taking on something that might have me compromise you. 

I don’t want to do that anymore as it takes a great toll on my body. 

You try so many ways to get me re-centered in my innate playfulness and love. Yesterday, I went on a run with Larry (my beloved labrador) for the first time in a while as the leaves were falling on the Commonwealth in Boston. I felt strong and my feet moved like a kangaroo! 

We made it over the Charles River and I took Larry off the leash.  He galloped and pranced and smiled back at me. I smile and laugh now as I write this…

Because when we free our connection to you…soul…we free up the souls of all living things. Maybe that is the endless and rewarding journey I am on. To keep you free and without borders and boundaries so the love you bring can be a force in the world. 

It is time for me to stop hiding you. I apologize for the times I’ve done this. Going forward, I can’t promise perfection…soul… but the practice of writing these letters keeps me so close to you.

I’m so grateful for you this morning and I encourage you to keep running wild and free with nothing holding you back. 

I sure need you and believe as I create space for you to be free, humanity and the people around me will connect and honor their own soul. 

What a gift. 

Much love,

– Jon