Do we have it in us?

Do we have it in us?

A poem to honor the memory of Mahsa Amini

So much to repair

I feel in despair

her name was Mahsa

an innocent life lost


families destroyed

dreams unfilled

the beatings and bruisings

suffocate my soul

and hurt my heart

I am in tears this morning

the pictures of her face

have me feel even more pain

it is time for a collective about face

someone sworn to protect and serve

another human

found it in them

to take life so senselessly

the disease of oppression, patriarchy and caste

continues to put women last

this must come to an end

we must be steadfast

it is time to take responsibility

like the courageous women

in the streets of Iran

being so brave

to show us

that Mahsa Amini will never die in vain

her memory will forever remain

her pictures reveal a beautiful spirit

forever taken

but there is no time to be shaken

it is time to awaken

we have a choice

to amplify our collective voice

that Mahsa’s spirit

will always know

whether near or far

no human will ever again

be subjected to this kind ruthless

and violent insanity

we must ignite hearts

to live in a world

where one woman’s life

is worth all of us

all of us

I mean all of us

deciding to stand for

our common humanity

So do we

do we have it in us

do we have enough character

do we have the courage

and do we have the honor

to look up and see

that no one is yet free

until we never again

let this be