he speaks to the soul in me

he speaks to the soul in me

a special birthday this week
Dr. King was a king
but he did not rule
he created a new reality

that we all must
still work to fulfill
a dream 
where I don’t use 
an economic system
to take from you

rather I live, work and
create with you
where we don’t use
skin tone
to dehumanize, harm or hurt

rather we learn about
each other 
leverage our differences
for more understanding
and belonging 
to find the cure
for our collective longing

where those of us with 
great advantages
don’t shy away from
looking at ourselves 
and the systems 
that give us preference
and privilege 

rather we fully embrace 
all of ourselves
but are willing to 
make sacrifices 
to fully reconcile and repair 
a nation that has yet to
fulfill a promise
of common humanity, decency and 
the chance to prosper  

we absolutely have it in us
to keep going
to keep our eyes open
and continue 
our individual and collective
healing journey
so the love in our souls
comes alive
and recognizes

I can never be free
until you are free
because when I oppress you
I also oppress me

we must move past 
the fear and forces of
separation and segregation 
because they will always
try to divide

we will persevere
allowing hope to provide
the courage and character
to talk and listen
listen and hear
hear and see
see and then be
a culture of we

there was a man
who was a king
but he is more than that
because everyday 
not just on his birthday 
he speaks 
to the soul
in me