Progress and Process

Progress and Process

Hello process

I don’t want to move

too fast past you

with too much focus on progress

because it is the process

that creates the growth

so I want to settle in

to watch what might come in

as I follow, create and surrender

to the calling within

it speaks to follow an alchemist’s journey

to stick with it even when it is hard

to unite humanity

to unite the soul of humanity

to unite the joy of humanity

that will happen

but you must see the process

is what creates the progress

and while good to reflect on from time to time

too much focus on the progress

can blind the meaning, joy and creativity

of what happens

when one is truly lost in the joy of the process

so I will keep my eyes open

for the signs and the omens

and not go too fast

because if I fully surrender to the process

the progress will always be just what I need

and then I will truly be free.


Original handwritten below :).