The growth that has happened in me

The growth that has happened in me

Growth takes courage

it requires looking within

and at times enduring

some pain and suffering

but that is ok

because without some challenge

we would just stay the same

I am learning

to accept all that comes

because if I truly want to explore

and find the outer reaches

of what I am capable of

I have to get uncomfortable at times

but I am also learning

I can pace growth

it doesn’t have to go

too far

or too fast

no need to be in a race

growth will come

when we need

or want it

it can come in stages

true growth makes us lighter

and more free

just like little kids

who grow every minute

I hope to stay childlike in this way

to never let

my zest for living slip away

or overwhelm myself with growth

at too fast a pace

because the best kind

should stretch or call

not push or force

it is like the infamous butterfly

once a caterpillar

and moving along the ground

then one day

the wings slowly emerge

because growth is about flying

and feeling the air around us

we just need that open space

but not too much

just enough to keep expanding

and look out across the water

to wonder what could be

but also to stay present

and sometimes look back

just to see

the growth

that has happened in me