To Fully Repair

To Fully Repair

I don’t have time to compare

because I need to prepare

to fully repair

a world that is not fully free

we live ok in separation

and are ok to take

without reparation

we must find the courage within

to apologize and acknowledge our sins

what we need for the change we seek

is already inside us

because love, honesty and the force of creativity

could truly heal all of humanity

there is no time to judge

or sit back and not budge

because the time is now to move

and find out what we are capable of

to make some mistakes

to make some new friends

to see new views

to see what other see

to hear what people say

to hear what they express

there is no time to regress

when our world is crying out

we must repair and reconcile

and create the preparation

for authentic reparation

only then can we forgive

a new trust in our ability to see

and our collective expression

can free us from oppression

either way I know

that I will never be me

unless you are fully free