When you look me in the eye

When you look me in the eye

They looked into my eyes

and said I know you have more

they raised the standards

not to change me

but to challenge me

sometimes we are capable of more

I love it when it leads to growth

that gets us closer to honoring our values

what does it mean to honor each other fully

because pleasing doesn’t serve me

I know sometimes you will irritate me

but that leads to being uncomfortable

with discomfort I have a choice

to play bigger or stay where I am at

so please keep looking me in the eye

look right into my heart

come with a belief so deep

that I truly have no choice

but to honor what I am capable of

to discover the undiscovered

to go further than I ever thought possible

I have it in me

and so do you

You make me stronger

and as I honor what

you see in me

I will be able

to look into my own eyes

and see what you

already see

I am uncommon

I am on a mission

I am always better WITH you

I can’t do it alone

I have it in me

So please please

keep looking into my eyes

and I promise

to do my very best

in every moment

to honor what you see

and when I don’t

I will apologize to both you and to me

for not fully stepping into

all I can be

what amazing game we can play

each and every day

when you look me in the eye.