a heart without borders

a heart without borders

a poem inspired by Sil Ganzó and the amazing team at ourBRIDGE for Kids working everyday to create home for our newly arrived children and families


in a world

that tries to put borders and lines

in the way of how 

we love, welcome and relate

a heart without borders

will never abate


when others see barriers

this kind of love builds bridges

when others count out

it will count you in

because a heart without borders 

is what eradicates misunderstanding and hate


it is full of conviction

for a cause

a respite and a place to heal

a moment 

to experience home in a way

that honors each unique culture and tongue

it shows up with hope

when there is despair 

it makes one feel heard

when it felt like no one had ears

it generates resources

when no one would share

and it shows up with courage 

when fear draws too near


because this kind of heart

knows no bounds


it sees so fully

what is right in front of us


a human being


another heart


that just wants to beat

at its own pace

not too fast 

and not too slow

just alive and breathing

with the air

of humanity


because the more we 

learn, understand and stay humble

from sharing

our air


the wider our love

can grow 

into the day

we all long to see

where we stand together 

stepping into what

we know we can be


a world


your heart 

is part of 

my heart


and where 

you will never find 


any border 

in me


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