Creating Connections That Accelerate Impact

We create the circles, you start the ripples.

What Is Circles?

We are at a critical time where our world needs our very best.

It is in that idea that keeps you up at night. The change you know needs to happen in our world.

Sometimes we just need the space to move past the barriers, fear or inaction.

We work with people who are at a tipping point of change…where that one connection could be the key to how you:

  • Access your greatest potential
  • Activate new and unused ways of thinking
  • Act on the causes that keep you up at night

We curate ½ day, 1 day and 2 experiences that make this happen!

In the past year alone, over 100 people worked with us from a variety of backgrounds, industries and ways of thinking.

What We Are Creating









and the ripples only continue…

What They Are Saying

"Participating in Circles was such a breath of fresh air... it brought me back to my core, my passion, my purpose, and re-ignited the flame within me so that I can continue to lead as a catalyst alongside others to make our community a better places for all."
"The Circle is a magical mix of connections, conversations, and music that takes you by the hand to accompany you on an inner journey to connect with yourself and others."
"An impactful process unlike any I've ever been a part of! I came away from The Circles retreat feeling refreshed and prepared to live a more meaningful-filled life in 2022 and beyond!"

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