These statements guide everything we do and how we form partnerships.

look into their eyes

we truly see the person
it is always more than a transaction
we are a force for potential and our very best

i have your back
we take chances
we handle conversations directly and under the tent
we are always learning and growing
we follow through on what we say and are humble enough to acknowledge when we don’t


equity in opportunity
we work with amazing, kind, creative, and caring humans who make our first two values real
while we work with people of all different cultures and dimensions of diversity, we prioritize sharing and creating opportunities with people from backgrounds where wealth creation and basic humanity has been sabotaged, blocked, or delayed over history


laugh at yourself
we can’t take ourselves too seriously
we remember we are all just big kids
we love to celebrate


it’s been an honor
we intend to create the feeling of these words in everything we do


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