Making Room Podcast

A doctor named Shivani Mehta, a lawyer named Brandon Neal and a creative entrepreneur named Jon Davis came together to build something special.

We decided to build a platform that focuses on three ideas we believe are the key to accelerating community change and increasing access to opportunities…especially across different backgrounds.

We discuss ways to be a catalyst – or making room for others to step forward, to honor creativity – or making room to see the world the way others do, and to lead with courage so you can take bold steps to make room even when it is hard or challenging.

Featured Episodes

Efuru Cole-Brewer: The Conversation That Left Us Inspired At Our Core

Our guest on this episode is Efuru Cole-Brewer. She is a dynamic young woman at the tender age of 17 with the world at her fingertips. Efuru joins the Making Room Crew to talk about what it means to both be and inspire a catalyst. Her wisdom will shock you and her aspiration will endear her to you, leaving an indelible impact. This one was special!

When Purpose Meets Progress

Making Room co-hosts share the impact of the project thus far. They’ve stretched, they’ve grown, they continue to unpack key components to unlocking their own potential as community leaders. It’s a candid conversation about the makings of this movement you just can’t miss.

The Soundtrack To Our Movement

We are introducing the world to two of the early catalysts of our movement. LP7 and Brit Drozda are musical geniuses in their own right, but their collaboration for our theme song is other-worldly. Meet the musical minds behind this beautiful synergy and hear more about their story and ours.

When Life Forces You To Call An Audible

We all have plans for our life’s journey, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. We have to pivot and call an audible in the moment to make the next big play. The Making Room co-hosts sit down with former collegiate football and NFL standout, Nate Salley, to hear more about his path to becoming The Audible Coach.


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