A Letter To Faith

good afternoon faith:


i come to you on this day full of emotions, everything from excitement, to happiness, to utter joy, but on this day faith, i do not come to you with doubt. for on this day, i find myself sitting, and standing, and walking, and observing a group of beautiful people who are sharing parts of themselves in the most powerful and courageous of ways. faith, i find myself in awe, for a group of people whom i have never met before today have gotten me to a place where i am slowly regaining my belief in who we can all become.


this life, well it brings with it many uncertainties and many days i find myself in search of you faith, but not today. on this day faith, you have shown up in an amazing way, and i enjoy not feeling the need to search for you.


through the stories that have already been shared, and the commitments that have already been made, i see you faith, i see you for who you truly are. it is not how i feel that makes you real, it is who and what i allow myself to connect with/to that does.


on this day faith, i say take a bow, you have done my heart proud!


– jeremy wilson


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