Dear Growth

Dear Growth,

Sometimes I doubt you are working on me and then something big happens. It can feel uncomfortable, hard and out of sorts. But I guess that is the best kind.


Your work can mean leaving old patterns or habits behind that might feel safe but no longer serve me.


It is a process that makes us more loving and full of life. I am feeling this happen today as I write and reflect a little. I sure have come so far because of your support.


When I was in 5th grade, my Grandfather’s (Poppy) life inspired me to enter a writing contest. I didn’t pay much attention to writing over the years and now I am.


Sometimes, Growth, I believe you just want us to come home to who we truly are…it just took me about 30 years to do it :).


I am more loving, at ease and gentle because of this writing journey. Many times, I sit back and read a poem after so many hours of working on it. I get so moved at seeing the beauty of how the words came together.


Then I just can’t wait to share it with people. I call a friend and get so excited to read it to them :). I wonder what might change in the world when someone sees the words. What a journey!


As I look back today, I know Poppy would be proud of the man I am and the man I am becoming.


What an honor,


– Jon


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